Beach Blast Half Marathon


Several months ago I participated in my first Half Marathon, “Beach Blast” Signing up was a breeze. “How hard was 13.1 miles?” Then it hit me, running a half was not as easy as it sounded. I had sent out a mass text to my running fam, “Movement Runners” to come out and support. 99% of them signed up for the 5k, I was the only one brave enough to run 13.1 miles. Running the first few miles was a breeze. However once I hit the nine mile mark, I remember thinking to myself “Maybe I should call an Uber” though the thought of calling an Uber was tempting I still pushed through. During my last two miles one of my friends who I met through BlacklistLA came on his bike and rode along my side. The sight of him was such a blessing and helped me get to that finish line. Plus I was trying to hurry since I knew my Running fam were waiting for me  with snacks, plus my mom kept texting me to hurry up because she was tired of waiting).
As I crossed the finish line I told myself NEVER again.

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