Rock N Roll Half Marathon


After finishing my first half marathon I told myself “NEVER AGAIN.” Well that was a lie. I signed up for another Half Marathon. This time I was super excited to participate, many of my friends including my 62 year old mom had registered to run! Several months prior to the run I started training. I wanted to work on speed and endurance, so I would practice running at the Culver City Stairs, I would religiously participate at Nike’s Speed Run on Tuesday nights. Everything was going gravy, my training was flawless. Then out of nowhere I got super sick. I started coughing and wheezing to the point where I couldn’t even walk across a room without gasping for air. I was so discouraged, for several weeks I was in and out of Urgent Care. Doctors kept switching medication on me and even took a few chest x-rays to make sure I did not have a collapse lung. My doctor told me I should lay off all physical activities because I could choke while running and pass out. I was so bummed out. I took several weeks off running a week prior to the big race I felt a little better so I decided to run 3 miles. My pace sucked and I was still coughing so I decided I was going to participate anyways, just run at a super sexy pace.

The big day had finally arrived and I had managed to whip up last minute costumes for my mom and I. We were going dressed as The Flash and Kid Flash.  Both my mom and I woke up at 4am, we got dressed and had a small breakfast. Then we were off in an Uber eager to meet up with our running friends. There were a lot of street closures near the LA Convention Center so our driver dropped us off a few blocks away from the finish line. There were so many people! I went to help my mom pick up her race bib and then checked in our bags. We greeted our friends then all began to stretch soon after we were all lined up ready to begin our run we said a quick prayer and we were off!!

There was so much energy from the crowds of people. Bands playing every couple of blocks it was amazing! I kept a sexy pace of 11 minutes for the first 10 miles and then we hit the rolling hills in Korea Town. I was not ready! I found myself walking/ jogging to the finish line. Once I caught a glimpse of the finish line I gave it my all. My legs felt like jello but I was smiling from ear to ear. My friends came rushing in as we all hugged each other.

I finished in 2 hours and 39 minutes. I was not happy with my time however it was way better than my first half marathon in which my time was 3 hours.


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