Malibu Half Marathon

A week after completing the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon I was fortunate enough to get a free race bib from Lululemon. I was a little nervous because I had just ran a half the previous week, however a group of people from Movement Runners had signed up as well. The morning of the race we took a shuttle filled with 12 people to Malibu. The ride there took about an hour so half the people napped while the others were in deep conversation about what to eat after the run. There were a few first timers and we gave them some advice on mind over matter when running. When we finally get there, the weather was freezing, so we tried our best to warm up and stretch. Then we were off, in my mind I thought the route was going to be flat, however I was wrong! Nothing but gradual inclines. It was tough, plus I had no signal and could not connect to Spodify. For the first 5 miles I was running in silence. Slowly my friends started to stay behind me, I felt that I was running alone for a while. But, I came to the run with the mentality that I would hit 2:30 so I didn’t want to slow down. After mile 12, everything was downhill, and from afar I could see the finishline. I had never been so happy, I kept my pace going and when I was a few 100 yards away I started sprinting. I wanted to finish off strong! It’s always the best feeling crossing that finishline and putting on that medal.  To my amazement I PR’d just a week after the Rock n’ Roll Half I shaved about 20 minutes; 2:22!!!!!

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