Engaging With the Running Community

As a new runner, it’s easy to feel alone. You’ve made big changes in your life, these changes can include finding running routes and finding the times to run that suits your work/ school schedule. For some people this might mean purchasing a gym membership and figuring out if you’re an indoor or outdoor type of person. Whichever path you choose, it’s going to be filled with new challenges. But don’t worry, you are not alone!

Every day, there are countless people in your town waking up early to get in that morning workout, running during their lunch break or people going straight after work to get some miles in.

Point is: As a new runner, you are not alone. You’ve taken a huge step by lacing up those shoes and started running. Now it’s time for you to start doing some social outreach to ensure that running becomes more than just what you do—it becomes part of who you are. Joining a variety of running groups around the greater Los Angeles area has had a huge impact on me. Every runner I have met has helped me a great deal, whether it’s sharing advice; routes or race recommendations and many have helped pace me to make me a faster and stronger runner. Joining these groups have helped me get out of my comfort zone and explore different parts of Los Angeles I would’ve never explored by myself.

If you are from the LA area and would like to check out some group, I highly encourage it! All paces are welcomed. To name a few:

  • Movement Runners
  • Blacklist LA
  • Valley Runners
  • Night Terror Run Crew
  • Rundalay
  • Koreatown Run Club
  • UnitedLA
  • Team Cruda
  • Highland Park Runners
  • Nike Run Club

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