Turkey Trot LA


What better than to wake up, run a 10k, then stuff your face on Thanksgiving?! That’s exactly what I did for my first Turkey Trot!!

Woke up at 3am to go volunteer at the event. Was not sure what to expect. The race had both its pros and cons.

Pros: easy to register, packet pick up the weekend prior and they allowed people to pick up your packet for you! They also sent plenty of emails before race day with great detail. Option of doing 5k, 10k or both! Cute photo ops and lines weren’t too long for them. Spectacular views of downtown Los Angeles. I really like that they gave out trucker hats. Everything overall seemed to go pretty smoothly for what seemed like a crowded event.

Cons: a lot of hills, so that was challenging. Parking was ridiculous; parking attendant over at First and Olive was not aware of the event and there was only one person collecting money. They started the 5k runners before the 10k runners. So when I finished the race there was no more fruit. The race started 10 minutes later.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Turkey Trot LA to anyone. I had a blast. During the race my right foot was hurting however I pushed through and managed to PR!!!! 10k in 55:38


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