Los Pollos Hermanos From ‘Breaking Bad’ Pops Up in LA This Week – Recap

Los Pollos Hermanos where something good is always cooking!

Heard about this Pop Up location last night during one of my running events and I was instantly excited! Who here does not love Breaking Bad!  The iconic Albuquerque chicken restaurant from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul run by the notorious character Gustavo Fring is serving from noon to 10 p.m. on March 29 and 30 at 1345 E. 6th Street just around the corner from the Arts District.

I arrived on location at approximately 11:30am (March 29th) and already there was a line. Stood in line for about half an hour until I was able to go inside. The line was super fun, it was filled with tons of people in Los Pollos Hermanos tshirts and a couple of them were wearing the famous Walter White hat.

Once inside it was as if though you were inside the famous fast food joint. It had menus on the wall as well as tables to sit in. However, If you’re expecting to be able to order food off an entire menu of possible selections, don’t get too excited. All they had available were Gus Fring’s famous french fries with three dipping sauces and some water to wash them down with. That’s right, there wasn’t even any chicken available ( or meth.) But none the less it was exciting to go inside snap a few photos.

So why is this pop up location only here for two days? To help launch the new season of Better Call Saul which airs on April 10th. I wasn’t disappointed, it was a fun time. My only advice is come a bit early to look for parking and bring your camera!!

LA Marathon 2017

The Los Angeles Marathon has been on my bucketlist for as long as I could remember. For those who do not know, the LA Marathon happens once a year, usually around February or March. It consists of running 26.2 miles from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica Beach. You might be thinking “why the heck is running 26.2 miles on your bucketlist?” Hmmmm maybe because I’m crazy and I love challenges that many think is impossible.

I honestly was not consistent with my training due to a hectic work schedule. The most I had ever ran was 13.1 and I didn’t start training until February!! Everyone else started in November but I was like “I’m gunna do it!” I teamed up with Blacklist LA, a Los Angeles based running club that was training for the marathon. I went in there with a positive attitude hoping for the best.

Before I knew it, it was Race Day. Woke up bright and early Sunday morning, carpooled with a fellow running buddy and arrived at Dodger Stadium at 4am. I remember the atmosphere was filled with excitement, however I was just focused on trying to keep warm since all I had on was a tank top and shorts. As sunlight started to break in, I slowly met up with additional running friends. We took a few pictures then walked over to the corrals. I was aiming for a 10:30 min mile pace.

We heard the starting gun go off and slowly the endless sea of people started to walk across the starting line. The sides of the streets were filled with sweaters as people started to throw their clothes away. It was a slow start as everyone funneled out. I lost about 90% of my group and ran along side my good friend Gabriel.

The first town was China Town, the sidewalks were filled with dancing dragons as a group of men and women were beating drums. I slowly made my way through the streets of LA. Everything looked familiar to me as I had been practicing on those streets for weeks. As I approached the Walt Disney Concert Hall I had to mentally prepare myself for the hill. I tried keeping a consistent pace as my friend pulled my hand from keeping me from slowing down. After the hill I went through Echo Park and Hollywood.

It was around Hollywood that I started cramping up. I told my friend to go on without me as I saw that my pace was slowing down. I stopped and stretched a little bit after 13.1 miles and kept on running. Around mile 18 was when I started seeing most of my running friends cheering me on. The highlight was when I saw my mom and sister at mile 19. It gave me the determination I needed to push through the last couple of miles. The last two miles were the toughest, my legs felt heavy and I wanted nothing more but to finish. What kept me going was the crowd. It’s amazing to see the community come together to come support random people run, I had people giving me water, juice, candy, and all types of food. I had people patting me on the back and screaming out ‘you can do it.’ The support of all the people made the run easy.

In my honest opinion I think anyone can do a marathon. Is it easy? No. Is it doable? Absolutely!!! All you need is training (to prevent injuries) and a good playlist( I used spodify) and Boom. Marathon ready. I know next time around I’ll run faster, I ran 26.2 miles in 5 hours 21 minutes.


Hydrate all week prior to running

Never run in anything you have never ran in before

Wear a runners belt. Carry Advil and some gummies or GU.

Create an epic playlist

Do not wear cotton underwear. Trust!

Wear sunglasses or hat.

Wear Sunblock

Stretch before and after the run

Listen to your body

And most importantly go in there with a good attitude

Power Rangers Review 

Go Go Power Rangers!! Warning Spoilers….

I first heard about the film last year during San Diego Comic Con (2016) when Kripsy Kreme was giving out free doughnuts and cool lightning bolt pins. Ha! Now I know the connection between Krispy Krème and the Rangers! I was pretty excited to finally get to see the movie on the big screen since I grew up watching the show on tv, I went in open minded (aka I didn’t read any of the reviews on the film.)

Lets talk about the characters:  People have a certain vision as to who each Ranger should be and represent. I give a whole lot of credit to Lionsgate for making one of the leads’ gay (yellow ranger), and one autistic (blue ranger), but I didn’t find any of the Rangers to be all that interesting. The movie spends the first 90 minutes introducing the 5 power ranger’s back story. As with any super hero movies these kids are a couple of misfits that happen to be at the right place at the right time to find the crystals.

We have Jason the Red Ranger he’s a young man that feels like he’s disappointed his father after ruining his chances for a football scholarship, due to a school prank gone horribly wrong Jason is now on house arrest and permanent Saturday detention.

Kimberly the Pink Ranger is an ex cheer leader who believes she is a bad person. She was cut off from her best friends after she showed explicit pictures of one of the girls on her team to other people. Soon after punched her boyfriend in the face making him loose a tooth which resulted in her having Saturday detention.

Billy the Blue Ranger is a tech wiz and is on the Autism spectrum ( in my personal opinion I think it’s amazing that the film created a super hero with autism, it gives an opportunity to challenge preconceptions about people with autism.)

Zack the Black Ranger is a kid that skips school due to taking care of his sick mother.

Trini the Yellow Ranger is a girl that’s moved through several schools and is always disappointing her parents since she has a slightly different view on life, since she’s gay/lesbian (the film does not specify however it is implied that she likes women).

The five of them are recruited by Zordon the last Red Ranger whom we are able to see during the beginning of the film after being defeated by Rita.

Rita Repulsa, though looking very different from the 90’s show, was a mixture of over-the-top popcorn fun and creepiness.

The film goes on to showing how the modern day Rangers became to be and how the power of friendship help them defeat Rita and save the day. ( basically the film in a nutshell – friendship always wins).

Overall I give the film a B- the movie dragged on for 2/3 of the film, you don’t get a lot of action until the last 30 minutes. The golden monster summoned by Rita was made out of gold, but the story line was cute and cheesy.

The extra scene after the credits was good. Hint Hint- TOMMY!!! Here’s to waiting on Part 2.

Game Of Thrones Live Concert Experience Composed by Ramin Djawadi

Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience composed by Ramin Djawadi was an epic performance. I managed to see the performance at The Forum located in Inglewood, CA and had amazing seats. The show started with the Main Title song in which clips were shown on giant 360 screens. The stage was massive, with custom-built LED screens in the center and a trio of tiered, 360-degree screens on each side. The side screens would drop down into both pyramid and reverse-pyramid formations, which gaves the production a lot of opportunities to change the literal shape of the show as it progresses. Because of the different locations and runways connecting them, the musicians — especially soloists, percussionists, the choirs, and even Djawadi himself — can move around during the show

System of a Down’s Serj Tankian made an appearance and delivered a moving performance at the ‘Game of Thrones’ Live Experience. “The Rains of Castamere” is famous in the world of Westeros, the fictional land where Game of Thrones is set. Guided by a piano and a symphony, Serj showcases his broad range, starting off somber and unnerving. Moving along with the crescendoing energy, he explodes during the final moments in a moving performance that now stands among his finest achievements.
The entire performance was amazing from , “Light of the Seven,” “Needle” to “Winter Has Come” the entire concert was amazing with special effects and elaborate instruments.